27 May 2019

Is your Home Prepared for Sale? Here are Top Things to Consider

By Kehkashan Khan on Real Estate

So you have finally decided to sell your home but what have you planned to increase the worth of your home? After all, you are selling a full-fledged house, not a piece of land only. Preparing your home for sale requires a lot more than just deciding to hand over the process to a real estate broker and selling the house. Making your home attention-grabbing for buyers by doing a little bit of fixing-up and deciding about the best time to sell are important factors to consider in order to get the best out of your property deal. The topmost factors looking into which can help you sell your house fast at a good price are given below for your ease:

Home Repairing

Home maintenance is of high importance when it comes to preparing a home for sale. Diagnosing and resolving the problems in your home on time not only saves your cost but also the extra time you might have to spend on repairing the things overall. Fixing the issues of plumbing and leakages such as plugged drains and leaky faucets is crucial and critical both as it can damage the overall construction badly. Clogging in sinks might be another issue that needs to be fixed right away. If it continues, you can use some good quality drain cleaning agent also to fix it.

Drafting a disclosure statement is an ethical practice to build the trust of the buyer and ensure smooth flow of the property sale process. Even though the buyers get the property inspection done before buying the property most of the times, outlining all the known defects of the home in a document shows your honesty and forthrightness during the deal. Above all, mentioning the ugly details of your home reflects your inner beauty and ethical behavior.       


As a result, it can also open doors for you further if you plan to sell any other property in the future. Because in real estate matters particularly in property buying or selling, people prefer to make the deal with someone whom they are acquainted with in order to reduce the risk to as minimum as possible.

Another good step for home maintenance is hiring a contractor for heavy lifting. Doing so will help you avoid the risk of making mistakes. Keeping in view the danger involved in performing some home maintenance tasks such as rewiring an electrical socket, it is wise to hire an experienced professional in order to avoid the risks of a home fire, for instance. Moreover, also look for the cheap and easy fixes for different things that upgrade the quality of your home to make it more attractive to the buyers. For example, the front and back doors of your house or the properly mended fences in the front or backyard.

Home Beautification

Beautifying your home with decorative details adds feathers to its cap. The more attractive it looks, more will be the chances that the house will sell relatively faster. You can do the following to make your home look more attractive:

  • Increase the curb appeal of your home by adding flowers to the main entrance. Paint the main door with some dark eye soothing color to make it stand out. You can go into more decorative details to make it prominent.

  • Inside the home, deep clean the carpets by vacuuming rigorously. If you have a large home, hiring a professional carpet cleaner would be a good choice so that you could focus on other important cleaning tasks around your home. Clean nice looking carpets supplement the inside beauty of the home.   

  • Give your home a fresh lively touch by putting different colorful flowers in a vase at different places of your home. A fruit basket containing fresh fruits on your kitchen counter also reflect a healthy lifestyle. Placement of small potted plants in empty corners gives a fresh look to the home. Keeping the home smell nice also leaves a positive impression on buyers.  

  • Try to keep your pets out of the house on the day of a home showing.

  • Make your porch more inviting by keeping it more organized and clean as this is the first significant spot of your home that the buyer will see. This is one of the crucial steps to make your home prepared for sale.

  • Keeping the home clutter free with problem areas painted is as important as the home itself. Window cleaning and basic landscaping are also necessary to make your home more attention-grabbing.

Following these simple home improvement tips, you can prepare your home for sale without even spending more money and energy. This will not only help you sell your house quickly but also sell it at a good price with reasonable profit margins because AXE Real Estate is there to get the best property deal for you. Contact today!    

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