29 April 2019

The Philippines Real Estate Market: A Paradise for Future Investors

By Kehkashan Khan on Real Estate

The Philippines, huddled between the South China Sea and the western Pacific Ocean, is becoming the fastest growing hotspot for Real Estate Investors these days for some peculiar but significant reasons. It won’t be wrong if we call it a “Paradise on earth” as this is the place where not only almost everyone but also your money would like to be. The lush green beauty of the country makes a wonderful combination with the islands here that has opened new avenues for Real Estate Investors to invest in this place and reap the benefits in the form of huge ROI.

There are countless factors involved for the Philippines to be in high demand these days for real estate investment out of which few are of great significance as those may have a direct impact on one’s investment. Some of the factors are mentioned below:

Stable Economy

The economic conditions matter a lot especially when it comes to investing in some other country. The more stable an economy is, the more will be the chances of enjoying the desired benefits out of the investment. The investment firms and banks in the Philippines are sound and stable. They do not get into toxic investment vehicles such as subprime mortgages, derivatives, and swap defaults, etc. that lead to financial madness and thus, result in economic collapse. Therefore, the cost of living is reasonable and the real estate industry, as well as the economy both, are quite stable.

No Bad Lending Practices in the Philippines


The banks in the Philippines do business by making home loans and actually servicing those loans. There are no bad lending practices carried out in this country that could create problems in the housing market out there. So, this is another major attraction for investors to invest in the Philippines.

High Rental Demand


Beachfront and island properties have a high rental demand during peak seasons. Tourists from different parts of the world travel to this place to enjoy their vacations and prefer rental homes in resorts ranging anywhere from $30 to $100 per night on an average. This way the investors can get their investment paid off with this rental income and in a number of years, they can have a paid off asset with the worth of thousands of dollars.

An Ideal Place to Relocate

The Philippines has always been a living spot for people planning to relocate especially from countries like USA, Canada, and Europe. The reason is the low cost of living here i.e. one-fourth of the price in the USA. The costs of healthcare, vegetables, and fruits are one-fifth of the cost in the USA. There are low taxes. No hurricanes or tornadoes are there, not even the drought conditions. Keeping all of the above into consideration, the Philippines is becoming more and more popular among expatriates to relocate.

High Resale Value


It is usually said in the real estate industry that you should think about selling the property before buying it. I.e. what will be the demand for the property in the future if you decide to resell it? It is a known fact that properties in greenery and beachside communities are always in high demand because these are the places where people want to be. So, the resale value of the properties located in this kind of areas rises quickly just like what is happening in the property market of the Philippines. You have an opportunity to invest in a property that has high resale value.

Isn’t it worthy enough to invest in a country that has almost everything with regards to huge returns on your investment? I.e. Stable Economy, High Rental Demand and High Resale Value, etc. etc.

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